Meats by Lintz

Meats by Linz

We are proud to bring Meats by Linz product to our company and your table. All Meats by Linz product is 100% Black Angus, and is traced back to the Linz Heritage Angus cattle line. Our businesses are only miles away from each other and have been valued names in the meat industry for over 50 years each. They specialize in precision trimming and portioning of Beef, Pork, Veal & Lamb. We specialize in Turkeys, Spiral Hams and Wine Grapes, By bringing their products to our company we now have the diversified item list which we wanted to bring to you, our valued customer.


Meats by Linz Bone-In Ribeye

Bone-In Ribeye

$16.00 - 12oz
$18.00 - 14oz
$20.00 - 16oz
Meats by Linz Bone-In Ribeye

Boneless Ribeye

$17.00 - 12oz
$19.00 - 14oz
Meats by Linz Tomahawk

Tomahawk (Hi- Choice) - 32oz

Only Hi-Choice item we offer!

Meats by Linz BonelessFilet

Boneless Filet

$20.00 - 8oz
$24.00 - 10oz
Meats by Linz NY Style Strip

NY Style Strip

Tender, lean, perfectly trimmed & marbled: this steak has it all. U. S. D. A. Choice and individually vacuum packed.

$16.00- 12oz
$18.00- 14oz
$20.00- 16oz

Meats by Linz Porterhouse


$18.00 - 18oz
$20.00 - 22oz
$22.00 - 24oz
Meats by Linz Whole Tenderloin

Whole Tenderloin PiMSO

Peeled Muscled side on - whole tenderloin with side muscles still intact

$115.00 - (7/8lb avg)

Meats by Linz Berkshire Pork Tenderloin

Berkshire Pork Tenderloin

All U.S.D.A. # 1 Pork. Perfectly trimmed and ready for cooking. Tender and juicy and individually packed.

$25.00 - 2.25 lb avg.
Meats by Linz Berkshire Pork Chop

Berkshire Pork Chop

All U.S.D.A. # 1 Pork. Perfectly trimmed and ready for cooking. All from center cut Pork Loins. Tender and juicy and individually packed.

$8.00 - 8oz
$10.00 - 10oz
$16.00 - 16oz

Meats by Linz 8 oz. Veal Chop

Veal Chop - 8oz

$18.00 - 8oz
Meats by Linz 16 oz. Veal Chop

Veal Chop - 16 oz

$36.00- 16oz

Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast

Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast
(individually packed)

$4.50 - 8 oz.
$7.00 - 12 oz.

Boneless Skin On Chicken Breast

$6.50- 12oz

Skin On Airline Chicken Breast
(10 oz each - individually packed)

$6.00 - each

Australian Lamb Racks
(2lb avg)

Grain Finished Australian Lamb Racks

$45.00- 2lb

Berkshire Pork Belly - 10lb

$50.00 - 10lb

Whole Black Angus Brisket - 10lb

$50.00 - 10lb

Winter’s Premium Deli

Not only is Winter’s proud to be the Official Sausage of the Detroit Tigers, but this family-owned Eastpointe, Michigan company has been making most of their time and taste-tested traditional German family recipes since 1951.

Winters Natural Casing Hot Dogs

Natural Casing Hot Dogs

One of our customer favorites! Smoked and ready-to-eat. Approximately 4 links per pound.

Winter's Coney Wieners

Coney Wieners 5 LB BULK

Great for grilling! Fully cooked, and no sugar added. 40 links per pound.


Winter's Jalapeno Cheddar Sausage

Jalapeno Cheddar Sausage

Winter's Bratwurst


Perfect for a summer barbecue! Approximately 4 links per package.


Winter's Kielbasa


Natural casing. Smoked and fully cooked. Approximately 4 links per package.

Linz Heritage Angus Hot Dogs

LHA Hot Dogs



Broadbent Bacon

Each of our 4 flavors is hand cured and smoked to perfection. Choose between Hickory for the boldest smoke, Applewood for medium intensity, and Maplewood for a sweet, mellow flavor. For folks looking for a stand alone bacon with some extra heat, try our Peppered Hickory, a masterpiece for your next BLT.

Choose your bacon flavor:

Applewood Bacon
Maplewood Bacon
Hickory Bacon
Pepper Hickory Bacon

Choose your cut:

14 ounce. sliced packages
1 pound. package of ends and pieces (best for seasoning vegetables)
4-5 pound slab (allowing you to slice to your preferred thickness)

Broadbent Farms Bacon Slab

Broadbent 4-5 Pound Slab

Allowing you to slice to your preferred thickness.

Broadbent Farms Bacon edn Pieces

Broadbent 1 Pound.
Package of Ends & Pieces

Best for Seasoning Vegetables


Broadent Farms 14 oz Bacon